Wireless LAN Systems is currently hiring, and we have opportunities open on all levels of the company. In particular, we are seeking engineers and operational management people.

We are looking for active personality with lets-do-it attitude, with top-of-the-class skills and experience. We are looking for ability to create, do things of which people say "you can't do that." We want practical approaches in simple is beautiful spirit.

We are located in Espoo, Finland, 5 km west of Helsinki City Center, with good connections. Our offices in Innopoli Business Center are top-class, with access to Gym, Lunch restaurant with wide selection, recreational activities, and of course, sauna evenings. The company provides drinks, and we have snacks for nightowls.

Most of our personel are Finnish-speaking, but we are comfortable working with English-speaking colleagues. We work very internationally, with subcontractors, partners and target markets world-wide.

If you think the world can not be changed by a starting company, this is not the company for you. We are seriously doing it.