True4G® Fourth Generation Fixed Wireless Convergence Solution

Wireless LAN Systems is introducing the next generation of access networking technology by bringing True4G® to the market. This is a true next (fourth) generation Fixed and Wireless Convergence solution that eliminates the boundaries among different network connection technologies.

  • The True4G® solution offers a total solution for service providers and network operators and enables them to provide converged fixed and wireless broadband Internet access and management of services across a number of fixed and wireless access media, including but not limited to fiber, copper, Wi-Fi® (802.11) and WiMAX® (802.16) and satellite.
  • The uniqueness of the True4G® solution is that it is independent of the media type, since it is developed using native IP protocols, which eliminates duplicated functionality as well as providing enhanced security and other capabilities.
  • The True4G® solution includes highly automated always-on security, authentication, automatic media-independent meshing, automatic redundancy, and roaming clearing systems to allow networks to be built quickly and efficiently, between any points, fixed or wireless, metro-wide, regionally, or internationally.

Wireless LAN Systems is in currently in the pilot stage, with the first networks being deployed. Please email your contact details to if you wish to receive our press releases or other information.

Graphic: True4G® benefits